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"What only gets stronger the longer it lives?
What pays you back tenfold the more that you give?
Some say it's blind, some say it's true,
Some just simply say, 'I... feel this... for you.'

Well, this journal is long over-due for a locking (really, semi-friends only because most of my SNSD stuff is public, but yeah).

Why have I chosen to lock it now? It contains journal entries back from when I was in 7th grade; I've graduated high school now and it wouldn't be right for some random stranger to be looking through all that. And to be honest it'd be kind of embarrassing because most of what I said back then, I don't believe/feel now. And the stuff that doesn't have that.... is just plain ol' embarrassing. I was young, you know? I relished the thought of using big and colorful text D;

Well, that's my broad answer, why I should've locked it a long time ago.

Here's what led me to finally lock it: Apparently some random people link to my journal. I know I went WTF?! too. I've always known that by having it open random people would stumble upon, but really now, I could understand them linking if I made graphics or uploaded music *FREQUENTLY*, but I don't do any of that. I'm fandom's dead weight. I don't know what they linked to, and it's probably nothing to worry about, but to be sure I locked all the past entries I feel that I should have. I don't want random people who don't know me to look at entries with my personal thoughts and linking them to their friends so they can laugh at me. I'm paranoid I know, but I should be because something like it happened to me before.

Fandoms currently very into:
Girls' Generation
Resident Evil
Disney (mostly princesses)
Victoria's Secret

Fandoms in general:
Prince of Tennis
Super Junior
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts

I'm really not as much of a bitch as it seems, so don't be intimidated :x

Visit my profile for more about me. I've also backdated my original intro post. It's friends-locked, but if you wanna check it out after you've added me to see what a huge fucking dork I was back then it's right over here~

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Uhhhhh so hi

I haven't posted here in almost half a year.

Umm, if anyone here who has me friended here and still uses LJ would like to know where I'm spending all my time nowadays I direct you to my tumblr.

Nothing's really been going on with me lately, I finished my first year of college (started this LJ in 7th/8th grade?!) and I went to SM Town which you can read about here.

It's a shame I don't use this as much anymore since I have a permanent account and thus a bunch of icon space. I don't even comment in communities so maybe I should give it to someone? IDK. If my tumblr ever gets compromised (as in people from IRL find it I might just use this as my venting grounds).
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< TeniPuri > - LOL, WHUT?

So I'm in the middle of searching through the archives of tenipuri for a post I remember seeing about this video on Nico with some pictures apparently drawn by the animators that were super cracky. I found some pretty nifty things including one of those ranking meme thingys. I remember doing it, but I never saved the results, so I did it again just for kicks.

Collapse )

Place Name
1 Shishido Ryou
1 Tachibana An
3 Shiraishi Kuranosuke
4 Yanagi Renji
5 Mizuki Hajime
6 Ootori Choutarou
6 Yukimura Seiichi
8 Inui Sadaharu
8 Kaidou Kaoru
10 Kikumaru Eiji
11 Atobe Keigo
12 Fuji Shuusuke
12 Fuji Yuuta
12 Ibu Shinji
15 Oshitari Kenya
15 Tezuka Kunimitsu
15 Tooyama Kintarou
18 Oshitari Yuushi
19 Momoshirou Takeshi
20 Mukahi Gakuto
21 Akira Kamio
22 Dan Taichi
23 Akutagawa Jirou
24 Chitose Senri
25 Hiyoshi Wakashi
26 Kawamura Takashi
26 Kevin Smith
28 Chitose Miyuki
28 Konjiki Koharu
30 Sengoku Kiyosumi
31 Sanada Genichirou
32 Echizen Ryoma
33 Saeki Koujirou
34 Oishi Shuichirou
35 Niou Masaharu
35 Nishikiori Tsubasa
35 Nitobe Inakichi
38 Taki Haginosuke
39 Zaizen Hikaru
40 Yagyuu Hiroshi
41 Sakaki Tarou
42 Echizen Ryoga
43 Kaneda Ichirou
43 Karupin
43 Katou Kachirou
46 Kisarazu Atsushi
47 Kirihara Akaya
48 Marui Bunta
49 Kisarazu Ryou
50 Kurobane Karukaze
51 Akutsu Jin
51 Amane 'Davide' Hikaru
53 Hirakoba Rin
53 Hitouji Yuuji
55 Aoi Kentarou
56 Osamu Watanabe
57 Yanagisawa Shinya
58 Osakada Tomoka
59 Ojii
60 Meino Nanako
61 Kai Yuujirou
62 Itsuki Marehiko
63 Kite Eishirou
63 Kongawa Junpei
65 Shiba Saori
66 Muromachi Touji
67 Minami Kentarou
68 Kabaji Munehiro
69 Kuwahara Jackal
70 Tachibana Kippei
70 Terry Griffey
70 Tom Griffey
73 Ryuuzaki Sakuno
73 Ryuuzaki Sumire
73 Yamato Yuudai
76 Sakurai Masaya
76 Uchimura Kyousuke
76 Urayama Shiita
79 Mizuno Katsuo
80 Echizen Nanjirou
80 Mori Tatsunori
82 Akazawa Yoshirou
83 Higashikata Masami
83 Inoue Mamoru
83 Ishida Gin
83 Ishida Tetsu
83 Kajimoto Takahisa
83 Kita Ichiuma
83 Kitamura Wataru
90 Horio Satoshi
91 Aragaki
91 Arai Masashi
91 Arnald Ignashov
91 Banda 'Banjii' Mikiya
91 Chinen Hiroshi
91 Habu Itto
91 Kiraku Yasuyuki
91 Kiriyama Daichi
91 Michael Lee
91 Minamoto Takuma
91 Nomura Takuya
91 Ota Shou
91 Richard Baker
91 Saotome Harumi
91 Shinjou Reiji
91 Shiranui Tomoya
91 Shudou Satoshi
91 Takase Masato
91 Tanaka Kouhei
91 Tanaka Youhei
91 Tanishi Kei
91 Tsuta Akane
91 Wakato Hiroshi
114 Billy Cassidy
115 Bobby Max

☆ Heh, subsequently I was on an An kick yesterday that was sparked by finding her Fanlisting (which I haven't joined yet BTW). An's my favorite PoT girl by a long shot (Oh, Hi Miyuki :D;;), but for her to TIE with Shishido who has been my favorite character since forever is still kind of weird.

☆ I guess I don't love Kintarou as much as I thought I did DX
To think that a few weeks ago I thought he was my second favorite. Hmm....

☆ I don't have a good grip on my favorite characters (the only absolute thing is Shishido being # 1) so I can't say how accurate this really is, but I never knew I liked Shiraishi so much O___o

☆ I'll admit that I didn't know, like, a third of the characters that popped up, but I guess it's pretty accurate because the people I don't know came before the people I hate [for the most part].

☆ Speaking of which I totally like Billy Cassidy better than Wacky-whats-his-face [and all of his school for that matter]. Poor Billy ;_;

☆ Apparently I have a closet love for Inui that this meme found out because I thought I at least liked Kaidou and Momo better than him. But as I said I don't have a very good grasp of who my favorites are.

☆ Actually, my rankings for the *all* Seigaku players [within their team] are completely thrown around. No one is where I thought they would be.
Which is to say was: Kaidou, Momo, Inui, Eiji, Fuji, Tezuka, Taka, Oishi and Ryoma.
But ended up being: Inui + Kaidou (8), Eiji (10), Fuji (12), Tezuka (15), Momo (19), Taka (26), Ryoma (32), and Oishi (34).

I'm so sorry Oishi - I really do love you, I promise!

12 - Fuji Shuusuke ||| 12 - Fuji Yuuta
73 Ryuuzaki Sakuno ||| 73 Ryuuzaki Sumire
I'm pretty sure it was just a coincidence [since the Kisarazu twins weren't the same and neither were the Echizens], but this still makes me laugh/smile.

☆ Total LOLZ at Kenya coming before Yuushi because a big part of my liking for him is because of Yuushi because y'know we don't know an awful lot about him. I think that I tend to subconsciencely have [or develop] more of a liking toward a character [I already like/am okay with] after being exposed to them recently. I was reading stuff about Kenya yesterday so maybe that explains it XD

★ Totally random, but the lyric on the cut is from Tachibana An's Natsu no Oujou-san if anyone's wondering.
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