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I Saved the Princess

Ramblings of a college girl who loves princesses, models, and sparkles

Once upon a Princess ♥
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~ The Princess ~
Born and raised in California baby! Female. Pieces. Halfway to thirty-six. Class of 2011 high school graduate! Now Class of 2015 Psychology Major. Born on St. Patrick's day. Goes by many nicknames such as windchime (don't ask), Kairi (also don't ask ._.;), and 'hey you with the hair'. I answer to all of them, but I'm always up for a new one. Call me what you will.

I'm not just sweet or a bitch all the time, as I think everyone is, but if I were to describe myself in once sentence it'd be that I am a silly girl who procrastinates with just about everything, but is passionate about certain things. I'm Someone who loves sparkly princesses and headshots in video games. Someone who throws temper tantrums because she bottles in all of her emotions and insecurities, but can somehow turn around and be sweet and caring all the same. I act differently depending on who I interact with. The only thing I think I am all the time is naive. To strangers I'm usually polite, quiet, sweet, innocent... And then, depending how close I am to my friends, I can either be the same or I can be loud and crazy and make absolutely no sense at all. I'm quiet around my family, but I also take out most of my anger around them so they see all my insecurities.

~ Darkside ~
I'm lazy, I have next to no confidence, and I get nervous easily. I don't recognize my own talent and don't use it to my full potential. I bottle in all of my emotions even though I know in a few months it'll burst. I am sensitive and emotional. At times I can never seem to decide between things. I can get anxious over sill things. I can be stubborn, impatient, and sarcastic. Most of the time I am air-headed and easily distracted. I am very short-tempered - I have a short fuse and when it blows, it blows. I am picky when it comes to boys even though I'm ugly. I like boys. I like looking at boys. But never going up to them. Not because I am shy, but because I never initiate in anything. Even with just meeting new people. I like to wait for people to come to me. I don't want to have my heart broken. I've never experienced that or love, but I'm not taking any chances. I am not a very confident person, no matter how much it seems. I care what others think. I walk with an air of conceitedness only because i'm a jealous person. I like hearing gossip. I enjoy knowing other people's business. You may think I am stuck up and full of myself, but I am only one of those things. I'm not telling which one - you'll know eventually. I don't talk to people I don't know. I don't want to grow up. I have no sense of priority. My dream is to be an actress, but my physical capabilities have crushed that and I am now aiming to eventually achieve a PhD in Psychology.

That's it. The bad and the... bad. I still consider myself an okay person, but that's just me... so don't take it too seriously.

~ Lightside ~
I try my best to be kind to everyone. I forgive others easily. I don't go out looking for fights - I'm not confrontational. When I want to be I can be a hard-worker. I can brim with passion and have astounding focus. I'm a good listener, even when it seems like I'm not - I'm listening to you. If you want to tell me your life story, I will sit there and listen to it all. If you want to tell me something that only takes 20 seconds to tell, I'll listen. Whether it's short or long, meaningful or meaningless, I'll listen to what you have to say. Because hey, you're taking the time to tell me, so might as well. I'm an open-minded person. I can be bubbly and cheerful and full of life at times. I love to give. To charity, to people, to that man standing there with his guitar in an attempt to make ends meet. It makes me feel better about myself, which I need more of believe me. I do admit, I quite enjoy spoiling people with gifts. Extravagant, elegant, over-the-top gifts that make peoples' eyes glimmer. I love to see faces that I've made happy. I can be the most polite and articulate person you've ever met. I am loving and caring. I am loyal.

~ Hearts ~
• Aurora

~ Abhors ~
• Maleficent
Evil fairies

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